1. Compare the benefits of TCP vs. UDP. What are the major differences between the two protocols? How do these differences affect the choice of protocol in an application? Justify your choice between UDP and TCP in the following applications:
    1. Remote surgery
    2. Online gaming
    3. Online shopping
  2. Consider telecommuting in terms of managerial decisions. How would managerial style change to account for employees who telecommute a majority of the time? Does this make it easier or more difficult to accomplish common objectives? Why or why not? Provide rationale to support your answer.
  3. A podcast is a digital recording that is available on the Internet for playback on mobile devices or media players. Provide an example of using a podcast as an advertising tool. What could be a possible revenue model of podcasting? How does podcasting differ from traditional advertising? Consider that users choose to subscribe to a podcast whereas traditional advertising is broadcast to the user intermingled with other media. Give examples of mobile applications that can be used for podcasting