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Eco372t week 1 apply -output, income, and economic growth score 98


Question 1

he equation for net investment is written as:

multiple choice

Net Investment = Gross Investment – Depreciation

Net Investment = Nominal GDP – Gross Investment

Net Investment = Consumption – Gross Investment

Net Investment = Depreciation – Gross Investment

Question 2

The major difference between nominal GDP and real GDP is:

multiple choice

nominal GDP measures the value of output with constant output levels, while real GDP measures output using current-year output levels.

nominal GDP measures the value of output in constant prices, while real GDP measures output using current-year prices.

nominal GDP measures the value of output with current-year output levels, while real GDP measures output using constant output levels.

nominal GDP measures the value of output in current-year prices, while real GDP measures output using constant prices.

Question 3

Which of the following correctly describes GDP using the income approach?

multiple choice

GDP = Wages + Rents + Interest + Profits and Losses

GDP = National Income + Indirect Business Taxes + Depreciation + Net Foreign Factor Income

GDP = Wages + Rents + Interest + Profits and Losses + National Income

GDP = Consumption + Gross Investment + Net Exports + Government Purchases

Question 4

Which of the following scenarios would be included in GDP?

Multiple choice

Darius unclogs the drain in his sink using the plunger he owns.

Pam buys a new 40-inch television at Walmart.

Sandra is a waitress at Morton’s Steakhouse. She receives a cash tip of $50 that she pockets and does not report.

Miguel won $100 in his office fantasy football league.

Question 5

Determine whether each of the following examples would be included in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

a. When Judy went to the grocery store yesterday, she bought three pounds of potatoes. 

Judy’s purchase of potatoes would be included in GDP as a consumption expenditure.

b. Ford Motor Company buys four tires to put on a new Ford Mustang.

The purchase of the tires would not be included in GDP.

c. The U.S. Air Force purchases two new fighter jets from Boeing.

The purchase of the two fighter jets would be included in GDP as a government purchase.

d. When Joey had his birthday last week, his grandmother sent him a $100 bill that he could spend. 

Joey’s birthday gift of $100 would not be included in GDP

Question 6

Real GDP refers to _____.

Multiple Choice

GDP data that embodies changes in the price level but not changes in physical output

the value of the domestic output after adjustments have been made for environmental pollution and changes in the distribution of income

GDP data that does not reflect changes in both physical output and the price level

GDP data that has been adjusted for changes in the price level

Question 7

The gross domestic product (GDP) concept accounts for society’s valuation of the relative worth of goods and services by using a _____.

Multiple Choice

measure of volume

utility measure

measure of physical weight

monetary measure

Question 8

“Net foreign factor income” in the national income accounts refers to the difference between the _____.

Multiple Choice

value of products sold by Americans to other nations and the value of products bought by Americans from other nations.

income Americans gain from supplying resources abroad and the income that foreigners earn by supplying resources in the U.S.

income earned by Americans in the U.S. minus the income earned by foreigners in the U.S.

value of investments that Americans made abroad and the value of investments made by foreigners in the U.S.

Question 9

Personal consumption expenditures consist of _____.

Multiple Choice

domestic investments

foreign investments in the United States

foreign plus domestic investments

household and individual purchases of services and durable and nondurable goods

Question 10

A distinguishing characteristic of public transfer payments is that they _____.

Multiple Choice

include wages to government workers

are counted as part of government purchases in the calculation of the gross domestic product

involve no contribution to current production in return for the payment

include the cost of maintaining public parks

Question 11

Answer the next question based on the following price and output data over a five-year period for an economy that produces only one good. Assume that year 2 is the base year.



Units of Output

Price per Unit





















In year 4, nominal GDP would be _____.

Multiple Choice





Question 12

GDP excludes most nonmarket transactions. Therefore, GDP tends to _____.

Multiple Choice

underestimate the rate of inflation in the economy

overestimate the rate of inflation in the economy

underestimate the amount of production in the economy

overestimate the amount of production of the economy

Question 13

In the treatment of U.S. exports and imports, national income accountants _____.

Multiple Choice

subtract exports but add imports in calculating GDP

add both exports and imports in calculating GDP

subtract both exports and imports in calculating GDP

add exports but subtract imports in calculating GDP

Question 14

GDP measured using base year prices is called _____.

Multiple Choice

nominal GDP

constant GDP

real GDP

deflated GDP

Question 15

Which of the following is not an example of an intermediate good?

Multiple Choice

gasoline bought by a trucking company

an oven bought by a homeowner

flour bought by a bakery

office supplies bought by an accounting firm

Question 16

Suppose that real GDP per capita in the United States is $49,000. If the long-term growth rate of real GDP per capita is 1.6% per year, how many years will it take for real GDP per capita to reach $98,000?

Instructions: Enter your answer as a whole number.

44 Numeric Response Edit Unavailable. 45. Years

Question 17

Suppose that Italy can produce either goods or services with its resources, and that its PPF curve is shown on the graph as PPF1.

Using the graph, for each of the following situations, determine whether the PPF curve shifts.

a. Suppose that Italy increases its spending on education, which increases the amount of human capital in Italy. 

Italy’s PPF curve would increase and move to PPF3.

b. A recession causes Italy’s unemployment rate to increase above the natural rate of unemployment.

Italy’s PPF curve would remain the same at PPF1.

c. Italy experiences an influx of immigrants from surrounding countries, which causes the population of Italy to increase.

Italy’s PPF curve would increase and move to PPF3.  

Question 18

The table below shows real GDP per capita for the United States between the years 1950–2016.

 Real GDP per Capita over Time



Real GDP   per Capita (dollars)













Instructions: Round your answers to one decimal place.

a. What is the growth rate in the standard of living from 1950 to 1975?

3.1 Numeric Response 1. Edit Unavailable. 3.1 incorrect. %

b. What is the growth rate in the standard of living from 1975 to 2000?

3.1 Numeric Response 2. Edit Unavailable. 3.1 incorrect. %

c. What is the growth rate in the standard of living from 2000 to 2016?

1.2 Numeric Response 3. Edit Unavailable. 1.2 incorrect. %


Correct answers should be:




Question 19

Providing a constant number of workers with additional capital with which to work will ______ labor productivity at a(n) ______ rate.

Multiple Choice

increase; constant

decrease; decreasing

increase; increasing

increase; decreasing

Question 20

Use the following diagram to answer the next question.

The most likely cause for a shift in the production possibilities frontier from AB to CD is

Multiple Choice

an increase in government purchase of the economy’s output.

the use of the economy’s resources in a less efficient way.

an increase in the quantity and quality of labor resources.

an increase in the spending of business and consumers.

Question 21

The application of new technologies to the production process will increase

Multiple Choice

labor productivity.

the quantity of human capital.

the unemployment rate.

the share of the population employed.

Question 22

The key variable in determining changes in a country’s standard of living is the

Multiple Choice

interest rate.

long-run rate of economic growth.

unemployment rate.

inflation rate.

Question 23

Given the annual rate of economic growth, the “rule of 72” allows one to

Multiple Choice

determine the accompanying rate of inflation.

calculate the size of the GDP gap.

determine the growth rate of per capita GDP.

calculate the number of years required for real GDP to double.

Question 24

Before the Industrial Revolution, living standards in the world

Multiple Choice

were relatively stagnant for long periods of time.

were already rising significantly for many decades.

were declining because of rapid increases in population.

are not known, for lack of reliable records from that period.

Question 25

the two countries are the same. According to the principle of diminishing returns to capital, an additional unit of capital will ______ in Alpha compared to Beta, holding other factors constant.

Multiple Choice

increase output by the same amount

have no effect on output

increase output less

increase output more

Question 26

When a firm builds a new factory, this is an example of an investment in

Multiple Choice

the market.

human capital.

physical capital.

research and development.

Question 27

Increasing the capital available to the workforce, holding other factors constant, tends to ______ total output while ______ labor productivity.

Multiple Choice

increase; decreasing

increase; not changing

increase; increasing

decrease; increasing

Question 28

To increase future living standards by pursuing higher current rates of investment spending, an economy must

Multiple Choice

reduce current rates of consumption spending.

allow higher rates of current consumption.

reduce the current capital stock.

decrease the amount of future research and development spending.

Question 29

Between the U.S. and Nepal, Nepal invests less in new factories and equipment. This will likely cause

Multiple Choice

the U.S.’s production possibilities frontier to shift inward faster than Nepal’s.

Nepal’s production possibilities frontier to shift outward faster than the U.S.’s.

Nepal’s production possibilities frontier to shift inward faster than the U.S.’s.

the U.S.’s production possibilities frontier to shift outward faster than Nepal’s.

Question 30

Which of the following will not increase a nation’s real GDP?

Multiple Choice

number of workers

average price level

technological progress

 labor productivity

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