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Question 1 of 40
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Which of the following is true about a simple random sampling?A. The researcher uses his or her judgment to select people who appear to best fit the requirements of the sample.B. Convenience is the key determinant of who participates.C. Each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample.D. Every member of the population is included in the sample.
Question 2 of 40
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Which of the following was NOT among the top 10 in Business Week’s Annual Rating of the Best Global Brands for 2009?A. GapB. Coca-ColaC. MicrosoftD. IBM
Question 3 of 40
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Which of the following identifies a major concern regarding Internet marketing research?A. The speed at which surveys can be administeredB. Cost-effectivenessC. The ability to translate results to the general populationD. The difficulty of tabulating responses
Question 4 of 40
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AMF Research Group must guard against problems during the phase of conducting marketing research for its clients. Which of the following is NOT a problem that should be anticipated for data collected through interviews during this phase?A. Interviewers who incorrectly record responsesB. Respondents who give deceitful answersC. Interviewers who do not consistently execute the surveyD. Analysts who interpret and report the findings
Question 5 of 40
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Of the types of brand loyalty, which one leads to a higher relative price?A. AttitudinalB. BehavioralC. PurchaseD. Category
Question 6 of 40
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__________ is information collected on a regular basis using standardized procedures and sold to multiple customers from a related industry.A. Pure researchB. Syndicated researchC. Primary dataD. Experimental data
Question 7 of 40
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Which of the following statements about brand equity is NOT true?A. Strong brand equity means a brand has customer loyalty.B. Brand equity refers to the brand’s value to an organization.C. The highest level of brand equity involves establishing product benefits.D. Brand equity gives a firm the power to capture and hold onto a larger
Question 8 of 40
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Managers often start with __________ research and later follow with __________ research.A. exploratory; explanatoryB. explanatory; exploratoryC. descriptive; exploratoryD. explanatory; descriptive
Question 9 of 40
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Qualitative research is best suited for gathering __________ information.A. exploratoryB. causalC. quantitativeD. explanatory
Question 10 of 40
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For a fee, some companies __________ names or symbols previously created by other manufacturers, characters from popular movies and books, or works of art–any of which can provide brand equity.A. serviceB. licenseC. extendD. brand
Question 11 of 40
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Which of the following is NOT an aspect of Internet research panel management?A. Developing and administering an incentive programB. Creating representative data for the general populationC. Periodic reprofiling of membersD. Cleaning and refreshing the panel
Question 12 of 40
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A company that does not want to add to the product lines in its portfolio would be most likely to select which of the following options?A. MultibrandingB. BundlingC. Brand extensionD. Brand stretching
Question 13 of 40
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The middle level of brand positioning is:A. beliefs.B. values.C. product attributes.D. benefits.
Question 14 of 40
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Brand __________ is the set of associations that consumers hold in memory regarding a brand’s features, benefits, users, and perceived quality as a result of prior brand marketing activities.A. equityB. attitudeC. valuationD. knowledge
Question 15 of 40
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A(n) __________ often contains modeling capability to create different marketing and financial models.A. marketing research reportB. sampling procedureC. interactive research systemD. marketing decision support system
Question 16 of 40
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A(n) __________ scale is a measurement in which numbers are assigned to characteristics of objects to reflect the order of the objects.A. nominalB. graduatedC. ordinalD. interval
Question 17 of 40
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Which of the following is NOT a desirable quality for a brand name?A. It should suggest something about the product or service.B. It should be memorable and distinctive.C. The brand should almost always be a long word to get attention.D. The name should export smoothly to foreign
Question 18 of 40
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Which of the following research methods is generally the LEAST flexible?A. MailB. TelephoneC. Online surveysD. Online panels
Question 19 of 40
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Question 20 of 40
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Businesses selling to other businesses tend to discuss more __________ when presenting their product and services than business-to-consumer brands do.A. emotional benefitsB. status benefitsC. rational elementsD. brand personality
Question 21 of 40
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A sales forecast is MOST likely to be based on which of the following?A. The company’s variable costsB. The company’s growth rateC. The company’s break-even pointD. The company’s marketing expenses
Question 22 of 40
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In a marketing plan, the __________ section includes the anticipated outcomes based on achieving predefined market goals.A. measurement and controlsB. company description, purpose, and goalsC. forecastingD. marketing situation
Question 23 of 40
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While preparing the marketing plan for a new product line called Nature& Nurture, Jonas wrote the following: “Nature & Nurture toys provide learning experiences that stimulate young children’s senses and open up a world of discovery for the youngest of learners.” This statement belongs in the __________ section of the marketing plan.A. company description, purpose, and goalsB. marketing situationC. competitive overviewD. measurement and controls
Question 24 of 40
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In addition to the elements that are usually included in a business plan, a start-up business would also need to include information on:A. competition.B. operations.C. capitalization.D. customer benefits.
Question 25 of 40
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You have just created the “perfect” ad. It communicates the full mix of benefits upon which the brand is differentiated and positioned. This full positioning of the brand is called:A. its value proposition.B. target marketing.C. brand optimization.D. its value profile.
Question 26 of 40
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Which of the following is NOT an example of a fixed cost?A. MaterialsB. UtilitiesC. PayrollD. Rent
Question 27 of 40
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Which of the following is the BEST advice about business plans for Paul, who has a great idea for a start-up business but will need substantial external financing to get started?A. Have a business plan in place by the first day your business is open.B. Have a business plan in place before seeking out investors.C. Focus on the product overview and fill in details about the competitive environment after the business has launched.D. Focus on the operations overview and fill in financial details after the business has launched
Question 28 of 40
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Which of the following would be listed under a company’s threats in a SWOT analysis?A. Revenues have declined for three consecutive quarters.B. A new entry in the market is priced very competitively.C. Staff reductions have created anxiety about job security among employees.D. The new management team is still unfamiliar with some aspects of the business
Question 29 of 40
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Which of the following is an example of a strategic question?A. What type of marketing offer will most appeal to this segment?B. Who are the consumers who are most interested in what my brand stands for?C. How can I best reach identified consumer segments?D. What is the potential profitability of this consumer segment?
Question 30 of 40
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A perceptual map is used to:A. identify psychographic segments across broad geographic regions.B. translate a SWOT analysis into a visual medium.C. analyze the benefits and disadvantages of different targeting strategies.D. define the market based on consumer perceptions of competing products
Question 31 of 40
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You would MOST likely find an implementation schedule in which section of a marketing plan?A. Marketing strategyB. ForecastingC. Executive summaryD. Marketing situation


                 Question 32 of 40
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Which type of positioning is based on the attributes of products or services and their corresponding benefits?A. UniqueB. SymbolicC. FunctionalD. Experiential
Question 33 of 40
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Which of the following is a relatively recent development that optimizes the online advertising potential for products and services?A. Behavioral targetingB. Cohort marketingC. Concentrated marketingD. Usage-rate targeting
Question 34 of 40
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A marketer would detail the company’s positioning and value proposition in the __________ section of a marketing plan.A. marketing situationB. forecastingC. company description, purpose, and goalsD. marketing strategy
Question 35 of 40
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Which of the following is the placement of a product or service offering in the minds of consumer targets?A. PositioningB. PlacementC. SegmentationD. Targeting
Question 36 of 40
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Which of the following criteria is it MOST important that a group satisfy in order to be considered a true segment?A. Be replicable over timeB. Be diverse demographicallyC. Have similar loyalty ratesD. Be a heterogeneous set
Question 37 of 40
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Many firms make an effort to identify smaller, better-defined target groups by using:A. user rates.B. loyalty segmentation.C. multiple segmentation bases.D. positioning.
Question 38 of 40
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Communication of a USP can provide a good foundation for successful positioning. What does USP stand for?A. Unique selling productB. Unique services practiceC. Unique sales pitchD. Unique selling proposition


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Question 39 of 40
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Television ads, public relations, and promotional events are all examples of:A. marketing controls.B. marketing expenses.C. marketing forecasts.D. distribution strategies.


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Question 40 of 40
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Using concentrated marketing, the marketer goes after a __________ but __________ consumer segment.A. small; undefinedB. small; well-definedC. large; well-definedD. large; undefined



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Businesses selling to other businesses tend to discuss more __________ when presenting their product and services than business-to-consumer brands do.A. emotional benefitsB. status benefitsC. rational elementsD. brand personality


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