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Penn foster 250293rr contrasting east and west

Penn foster 250293RR    Contrasting East and West
1.   Among the factors that brought about European colonialism, which of the following supported concepts of racial superiority?
 A. Economic and trade opportunities
  B. The introduction of the steam engine and the telegraph
  C. The machine gun
D. Social Darwinism
2.   Under the Tokugawa peace, daimyo
  A. were heavily engaged in foreign trade.
  B. castle building was encouraged.
  C. social status increased.
D. were prohibited from coining money.
3.   For the masses, which of the following statements about the significant consequences of the rise of science is false?         
  A. The methods of science gained great prestige and were seen as the only reliable path to verifiable truth.
B. As science progressively influenced popular thought, people came to view natural processes as determined by physical laws, not divine intervention or human will.
  C. Faith in science completely displaced the importance of religion in most people’s lives.
  D. Daily life experience and exposure to media impressed people with the importance of science.
4.   The German Reichstag did all of the following after Bismarck’s resignation in 1890 except
A. establish the world’s first social security system.
  B. pass laws that legalized socialist political activity.
  C. yield central power to Kaiser William II.
  D. pass laws to aid workers.
5.   In the eighteenth century, the concept of liberty was, above all, a demand for
A. individual human rights.
  B. universal suffrage.
  C. national sovereignty.
  D. economic equality.
6.   Regarding the Napoleonic Code, which of the following statements is false?
A. It was intended as a measure of reassurance for the aristocracy.
  B. It assured the political equality of all adult males.
  C. It was intended as a bargain with the French middle class.
  D. It assured the absolute security of wealth and private property.
7.   In the context of African and Asian resistance to European colonialism, the nonconformists who became anti-imperialist activists were, above all, motivated by
A. the issue of human dignity.
  B. the need to adopt Western technology.
  C. the quest for economic justice.
  D. the West’s failure to live up to their liberal ideals.
8.   One goal of Zheng He’s expeditions was to suppress piracy mainly from
  A. China.
  B. Philippines.
  C. Korea.
D. Japan.
9.   The desire for modernization in Russia in the mid-nineteenth century was initially sparked by         
  A. strikes and peasant uprisings.
 B. the Crimean War.
  C. the assassination of Alexander II.
  D. defeats administered by Japan.
10.   All of the following events were directly related to the eventual advent of British textile factories, except
  A. the spinning jenny.
  B. the water frame.
  C. the growth of urbanization.
 D. the putting-out system.
11.   Under Muhammad Ali and his grandson Ismail, the economic underpinning of modernization in Egypt was
A. emulating European bureaucracy.
  B. the production of manufactured goods.
  C. exporting cotton.
  D. controlling the Suez Canal.
12.   Which of the following was the first western country to grant women’s suffrage in 1914?
A. Norway
  B. France
  C. Prussia
  D. Russia
13.   The German journalist Friedrich List persuaded German states to enter into a customs union. List’s efforts expressed the ideology of
  A. economic determinism.
 B. economic nationalism.
  C. tariff protectionism.
  D. class consciousness.
14.   In the context of global migration, it often occurred that the movement of a business entrepreneur, a religious leader, or some admired person would encourage others to follow in what is called a/an
  A. emulation chain.
  B. “follow-the-leader” pattern.
  C. collective emulation.
D. migration chain.
15.   In 1789, the National Assembly revoked the privileges of the aristocracy. This occurred in reaction to
  A. the storming of the Bastille.
  B. Louis XVI’s withdrawal of troops from Paris.
  C. discontent among the poor people of Paris.
D. a peasant uprising.
16.   In 1557, the third Dalai Lama accepted an invitation to visit with Mongolia’s Altan Khan. As a result of that visit,
A. Tibetan Buddhism became the official religion of the Mongols.
  B. the Mongols accepted Buddhism but continued the practice of blood sacrifice.
  C. Tibetan monasteries were moved to Mongolia.
  D. Tibetan monasteries became Mongol castles.
17.   During the international struggle over Saint Dominique, Toussaint L’Ouverture was made a _______ officer.
 A. Haitian
  B. British
  C. Spanish
  D. French
18.   All of the following were factors favoring British industrialization, except         
  A. increased agricultural production.
B. a decline in domestic demand for manufactured goods.
  C. rising urbanization and higher wages.
  D. immediate or canal access to ocean ports.
19.   After the defeat of Austria by Prussia in 1866,
  A. The Magyars became an oppressed minority in Hungary.
 B. Franz Joseph gave up in trying the “Germanize” the empire.
C. Franz Joseph was forced to establish a dual monarchy.
  D. Conflicting nationalist interests were finally settled.
20.   The purpose of the Great Exhibition of 1851 was to
  A. grant rights to women.
  B. abolish slavery.
C. show off British industry and inventions.
  D. end the revolutions of 1848.

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